What makes Diversity Window different?

“If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.” – Peter Drucker (Business Management Guru)

At Diversity Window, we help our clients make meaningful and measurable DEI impact to their organization.

We take time to understand your organization, collect data, and collaboratively interpret the data to identify opportunities for positive improvement. Our consultants help develop a strategy and a set of interventions and initiatives. As required, Diversity Window can help with the implementation and execution of those initiatives. Using our platform, we measure the impact of those initiatives in real-time, then help advise on adjustments for the next phase. Diversity Window is your long-term partner in continuous, measurable cultural improvement in your organization.



DEI Consulting Services



Jiquanda Nelson

CEO of Diversity Window

PSBJ’s 40 under 40

DEI Leadership Experience at Kaiser Permanente and Concentrix


At Diversity Window, we care about your Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion needs. With deep expertise across the DEI space in various industries, from healthcare to consulting, we offer assessment packages that identify opportunities to make and show meaningful changes in your organization’s DEI efforts. Our consultants are just another branch within your organization. We’re here to understand the context of your business and help make progress from where you are.  Get started with an assessment, and let us help you execute initiatives that will show DEI progress to your stakeholders.



Diversity Assessment

  • Set a baseline for organization’s inclusion and belonging
  • Understand context including goals, current metrics, stakeholder concerns and feedback
  • Analysis of workforce demographics and dispositions
  • Develop roadmap with actions tied to specific metrics and goals

Organizational Structuring

  • DEI Leadership/Committee Alignment
  • DEI Governance
  • Stakeholder mapping and DEI goal and engagement

Diversity Interventions

  • Attrition Analysis
  • Hiring/Recruiting/Sourcing Pipeline
  • Promotions and Disciplinary Actions

Communications Strategy

  • Review and Advisory Feedback on Stakeholder Communications
  • Employee Communication Templates
  • Recruiting Communications Review
  • DEI Corporate Communication Guidelines



Diversity Window Platform



Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Platform



DEI Dashboard

Using Diversity Window’s Platform, organizations can view Real-Time demographic and inclusion sentiment data to monitor the efficacy of training, interventions, and policies. Automated Data Collection is available via integration into payroll, candidate tracking, and/or HRIS systems.



Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Report

Share your initiatives and progress with stakeholders, team members, and future team members. What an organization measures shows what it cares about.




Collect Actionable Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Data

Let Diversity Window manage your DEI data as a third party data partner. Anonymized, aggregated data gives your team members confidence to be honest about their sentiments, and provide leadership a genuine opportunity to address issues. Using surveys and integration into payroll, HRIS, and recruiting software, we can provide real-time diversity snapshot and trends of your organization.


DEI Training



Diversity Window provides industry leading DEI training for organizations that want equip employees and leaders to bring their DEI initiatives to life and create a workplace of belonging.

Self-Service Training Content

  • Multi-media presentations including video and audio
  • End of Training Quizzes to check retention
  • Customizable to align with organizational goals and resources


  • Diversity and Inclusion 101
  • Unconscious Bias
  • Employee Resource Groups
  • Diversity and Inclusion for Managers
  • Interviewing Training
  • Sensitivity Training

In-Person Training

  • Customized to the organization’s place in the DEI journey
  • Alignment with Organizational Goals
  • Interactive Workshops and Discussions
  • Onsite at Organization or Offsite venues

Live Online Training

  • Zoom or MS Teams
  • Interactive Workshops and Discussions

1×1 Coaching

  • Coaching via regularly scheduled meetings
  • Retainer model – ad hoc as required






Diversity Window has been a game changer! The platform has helped ensure a consistent approach and the service has brought tangible outcomes to match our profound commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Matt Sauri

CEO of Wimmer Solutions

Diversity and inclusion is more than a corporate statement – it requires intentional action and commitment. Diversity Window has proven to be a key strategic partner.

Tami Martin

CEO of Bluehawk Consulting

We’re excited to see the changes as we have engaged with Diversity Window to further our commitment to a diverse and inclusive workforce.

Rob Campbell

CEO of Affirma



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